2021 Season Update

All, due to the recent provincial stay at home emergency both dates for our meetings will be postponed to future dates. Locations for these meetings will be updated. Once we get more definitive information from the City and province regarding outdoor sports, we will update the website again. Our plan to start will change, but to be clear I am sure we will have a season even if we have to start later and continue later into the year. That being said this will depend on the COVID-19 situation at this time. As we are updated by the City and the province we will either confirm the dates above or adjust accordingly.

Stay safe!

Thank you for your patience.

New Website

Thank you for your continued patience as we continue to work with our new website. As we continue to improve and evolve our website if any teams have pictures of their games from last year or earlier, we would be happy if you could send them to us and we will add to the website gallery.